Tuesday, January 12, 2010


This page is an attempt (key word) to compile Japanese matches given **** or better by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter/Dave Meltzer. Clearly this is a major work in progress and is by no means even close to being complete.

Dates may be slightly off as some Observers list the actual date and while some list the date it aired.

I'll add an "UPDATE" page for every time the site gets updated with all new additions.

For past vistors who have not seen this blog since the February 2011 update, there is now a Miscellaneous index with matches of smaller Japanese organizations or organizations that were not reviwed on a regular basis in the Observer.

If anyone has any access to any past Observers with **** + ratings of anything from Japan, please send them along. You can either email me (childofpunk76@yahoo.com) contact me on Facebook or post them as a comment here and I'll add them to the list. Even if you've got a random issue from 1996 with a match or two, I'll take it. Any help would be appreciated and will be credited. Thanks.

Currently I am mainly looking for any and all All Japan Women's ratings not currently on the list, All Japan ratings from 2000 and 2001 & New Japan ratings from 1998 - 2001.

Be sure to check out the insanely great Wrestling Observer ***+ list if you haven't already as well!

Last updated: February 7, 2011

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